CHS can help you get the most out of precision agriculture with Agellum®, our farm planning and management system. Available through CHS retailers, Agellum helps you make better, more informed agronomic and economic decisions for your farm. Learn more about Agellum.

Agellum® activates your farm data

Transform your data into better farm management. Agellum — a full-farm planning and management solution exclusively from CHS — integrates, aggregates and activates your farm’s data from machinery, apps, equipment, weather records, sampling, scouting and more.

With Agellum, you can compare scenarios, track fields, simplify budgeting, and make better decisions through planning, analysis, and collaboration. Manage all your data in one place to more easily evaluate every aspect of your operation. This powerful tool provides business intelligence and agronomic insight for stronger decisions.

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CHS YieldPoint® increases precision

Tighten productivity and get a jump on higher yields and returns with pinpoint accuracy. CHS YieldPoint services complement the management insights you get from Agellum or other tools through local precision agriculture expertise. 

CHS YieldPoint services take your fields to a new level through sampling, prescriptions, variable rate applications and much more. Delivered exclusively through local experts at CHS retail locations, CHS YieldPoint provides you with precise knowledge tailored to each field’s needs. 

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MyCHS connects you anytime, anywhere

Save time and money while increasing your productivity with MyCHS. This mobile online site lets you view your purchasing, selling and payment history with CHS. Your information is easy to find, simple to view and safe and secure. Find your statements online and quickly pay your bill.

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